BOHIC (72cm)

400.00 kn

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  • DIMENSIONS: KROOG S = 30cm, total length MAKRAWOOD BOHIC = 72cm
  • MATERIAL: wood + cotton rope
  • Each label comes with a prepared bracket and you can hang it. If the bohic inscription goes on the door, remind us in the “Note” to put self-adhesive tape instead of the carrier.

Each piece of wood is hand-picked and may have tiny perfect-imperfections such as bumps, notches, cracks that we will try to repair. Your inscription will be handcrafted, painted and made with love and care, no doubt about it 🙂 Each individual background coating will receive a bit of color, and thus create a unique and unrepeatable piece and only your uniqueness. Leave it to us with confidence.


If you have more questions see the FAQ or feel free to contact us contact , we are here for you and your wishes.


Currently, the time limit for the bohic inscription is 1-4 weeks from the date of payment (feel free to check the deadline via social networks or e-mail), and we send packages to GLS delivery service. We also offer fast production, 7-10 working days of delivery, but we charge an additional 130kn.

NOTE: During transport, the macrame “cofleki” will probably be a little torn, so feel free to comb it when it arrives. 🙂

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